It recently occurred to me that I graduated college in June. I'm done with school! Not only that I'm in a career job now for what I've been going to school and working towards all this time! So you know what that means?? I can learn what I want in my spare time! I had just (a week ago) completed the first 90 days of my new role as a fullstack web developer. Prior to that I was working as developer working on IVRs (an IVR is the automated system you reach when calling in somewhere for service/support). I have a lot to learn still in my new role BUT I can do that at work! At home I can literally do and learn whatever I want. No more school telling me what to learn! Wooo!

I'm a creative person and I must have creative release. This gal LOVES that you can draw with code. That's just the coolest thing ever, really. So that's what this side is going to be about. All fun all the time. Drawing with code. Creating cool animations with code. All of that.

It's not overly exciting right now but that'll change. If you want to peep at a github repo go for it. If you want to hit me up on the twitters by all means do. If you want to hangout and create art with code, yeah let's do that! Hit me up on them twitters. Bye for now.