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It’s far too late for me to be up right now. School night and all.

I have been up working with Java Koans trying to get that working with command line. Trying to get it to work in eclipse was a real headache. Command line is so much easier and neater really, I love working in dos. What helped me was 2 things, watching someone else use the program AND a simple Google on how to get to be recognized in command line.

I have a grocery list of things I need to learn. I’ve learned the basics now I just need to rinse and repeat over and over again. And create things, over and over again. I’m learning so much by failing and trying and trying and trying again. It’s ok. I use to fail alot and break my computer very well when I was younger.

Any way.. I told myself I would blog daily for some time. I can’t say how long because well I have a lot that can distract me. I need to stay the course though.

More on this tomorrow. With details.

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August 26th, 2014 at 5:53 am

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Details to follow

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I started working on learning web development skills in about 2009. Before then I had dabbled with several working with code, different OS’s, and breaking my computer and putting it back together again.

I had no idea what I wanted to do but at this point it’s clear to me and have been for a few years now that I want to be a Web Developer. I love working with raw code, I love working with command lines, and I love making these things into something functional for an end-user that has NO idea who much time I put into making it so that button does what it’s suppose to do when you click it.

I currently have a web development associates degree which is nice. I learned a lot of basic skills but not enough to land a job. It shows I am dedicated but not rounded enough to be hire-able. Remember I’m a working adult, I have to have a full time job so my bills can be paid. I can’t take unpaid internships that dive into working hours.

My portfolio was weak and my knowledge is scattered. So I decided I better get a bachelors. I am not a youngster getting started in the world, I’ve been around a little while and I am a working adult trying to establish a career. I just want to code. I truly love it and love learning. A bachelors isn’t a bad thing to have. I do think I am being wise in getting it. In fact I intend on continuing on to get a Masters. But in the meantime I want to be working, working and coding, working and coding and being paid for it. What do I do about this now?

I started going to meet ups, I had checked a few out a few years ago but was a bit intimidated. I will admit I am still a bit intimidated as the meetups seem to be a lot of established people in IT. Established people who have been at it a while. I’m just a new trying to sort out the right way to get there.

Going to meet ups was a great idea, everyone should go to them or at least check them out. I have met some really neat people who want to help. They want to help me help myself get a job. After all no one care really make this happen but myself however with some wisdom from those that have been there and done that it will make the journey a little bit more focused.

My focus is Java programming. I’m interested in mobile technology and I want into that industry. With the help and guidance from those I have met, with my degree, and oodles of self learning on the side I am on my way.

I have been working on revamping my personal website, I am giving blogging another go, going through oodles of eclipse tutorials (I learned java via Netbeans), learning working with Bitbucket and Git bash. Details to follow.

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August 25th, 2014 at 3:07 am

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