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Frustrations and exciting things and then more exciting things

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I like to jump in feet first sometimes but most of the time I like to dip a foot in to test the waters. That’s what I had been doing the past 2 weeks going on several interviews. Oh the frustration! One company I was especially excited for ended up hiring within and that was oh so disappointing. We jived so well, I was even willing to jump into a very very old language for the opportunity. I’m still willing, the company just seemed like that good of a fit for me. Oh well, these things happen and who knows I may end up there in the future. One thing I did decide though is to take a pause on the hunt until my bachelors is complete.

It’s complicated as a nontraditional student to break in the world when you can’t exactly do an internship. But the good thing about being active and passionate about coding, people remember that about you. That brings up exciting(s). Exciting thing 1 is that I had a dinner with a new friend the other night. She works for the community college I got my associates from a few years ago. All my favorite instructors are still there. I really enjoyed that school but was semi bummed by their program at the time. It was about to be re-visioned I just jumped in during the end and right before the new. Anyway after talking with her I went home and jumped online to check out the course options and man was I surprised! Metropolitan Community College aka MCC’s INFO department has grown! It’s just great. I am taking a JavaScript course this Fall there to tight up my skills in that department. One of my favorite instructors G just so happens to be teaching it so that’s extra awesome. Also my new friend will be attending the course as well. So many wins here.

Because I can’t really do internships due to needing to work full-time at a higher rate than your average internship I reached out to another old instructor at MCC regarding volunteer opportunities. Art Brown has hooked it up in the past and my new friend stated he’s still the connector in that department. I also emailed G to let him know I would be attending and to see if he remembered me. As I’m snooping around MCC’s twitter page I see a re-tweet pertaining to Bring IT ON which is being organized by MCC and it just so happens to have Art and G as the contacts.  The premise of the Bring it on project according to the site is: “Organizations are encouraged to identify problems that call for technology solutions, such as social media platforms, data systems and dashboards, or mobile apps. This is a competitive application and a limited number of projects will be selected for development by teams of high school students, adult learners, and mentors.  The goal of this challenge is to advance team members’ technology skills through projects that provide technology solutions to real world problems. Teams will begin working on projects on a part time basis from September 2015 through April 2016. Preference will be given to projects that advance organizational innovation or social impact and are achievable within the proposed project time frame.” You can learn more by clicking the link here or mentioned above. So I got really excited about this and tweeted to Art and also brought it up to G via email as we were doing a little bantering back and forth. G advised me that this was actually for high schoolers which I also discovered while doing more digging. HOWEVER he suggested that I be a mentor on one of the teams! He brought Art into the conversation and both agreed I would be a useful resource. So that’s exciting! Nothing is finalized and details are forthcoming. I will know more later towards the end of August. But that fits right into what I would like to be involved with anyways. Helping nonprofits full-fill a need utilizing my skills.

Another exciting thing happening is a really great person I have met in the community is offering to help me learn more Java technologies. We will be using the final project from the Java fullstack course I completed in June. We will work through it together which will be so fun.

The starter list is:

1) gradle
2) tests
3) better JDBC with spring
4) ant
5) maven
6) selenium tests

This is exciting to me because I haven’t really been exposed to gradle yet and I know that Android Studio also utilizes gradle. I have had some exposure to maven via Heroku. I have also had exposure to spring but just a tutorial but its far easier than writing core Java code from scratch I know that much.

Oh! I’m also a co-organizer for the new Omaha Android Developers group! I am the voice of the newb! LOL The great thing about this group is that is going to be very newb focused. It won’t be entirely as we are still going to have talks that are geared more towards the experienced as well. However we intend to make these meetups very newbie friendly. Actual coding along will occur, video taping of the coding so you can refer back. We are talking about doing workshops and starting projects that people can take home and continue to work on. All the good things! It’s very exciting.

I keep saying this and I truly never will stop. Our local tech community is just wonderful. Being an active member even at my level has been pretty great. There are moments I get intimidated because I’m not a working pro but that’s ok. I am showing that I am serious and that my intentions are true. I am not looking to be a rockstar. I just want to be a part of something great and help my community. My dream is to have a sweet gig and be able to help nonprofits on the side in my free-time. As it stands my day job isn’t my dream and I’m often super busy with school. These things will change and I just have to stay focused and keep working hard. My time will come.

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July 31st, 2015 at 4:24 pm

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Ureka and such

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So I was able to successfully make the bare bones of my site responsive. Which is great because all the rest will just be filler so it’s pretty much a responsive site. It wasn’t as difficult as I was letting myself believe. I mean I’ve made “responsive” sites before but with a crap load of code and some hard wiring. So how responsive was it really? It was the footer that was tripping me up. Pesky bugger was doing that thing, yknow that thing they do floating to the middle of your page.

I’ll go into more detail and explaining the CSS later this week. I’m just happy I accomplished this as it had been bugging me all day. The alignment on the default page was a bit off when viewing on my iphone but I was able to resolve that really easily but shockingly REMOVING some code.

Another thing I need to do is add my Analytics code back to my site! At some point I gutted out the Google Analytics code and I have no idea when this occured or why! But let me tell you that makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER because I check my stats weekly sometimes daily. And when I started to see a down drop in activity I got super discouraged and just stopped looking. I seriously don’t know when I removed it or why, so bizarre. Anyways that’s getting put back asap.

But yea it’s still in progress but I like it thus far – I’ll dive in more again in a few days. I’m checking out Coding Bliss tomorrow night, they are doing alil jQuery presentation. Although I’m not new to jQuery I’m always open to check talks out it’s rare you will walk away without learning something new.

Oh also on Thursday CoVis Coworking some of us are gathering up to help PRI read pdfs and enter data into spreadsheets to help them get more organized. This is something anyone can do! You do not have to be a developer just a caring person with some spare time. Open Nebraska is banning together to help! We are meeting at 4:30pm check out the meetup event for more details. If you can’t help this time I’m sure there will be more opportunity in the very near future. 🙂

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July 14th, 2015 at 2:59 am

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FRAMEWORKS …oh so that’s where everyone went

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Being an adult learner means things take longer to learn! Not because I’m an adult so my brain is slower it’s because I have adult things that I have going on as well as learning. You see I’m almost done with my bachelors in application development. The focus of study has been the whole development package. Being that it’s a degree it’s broader and somewhat more generalized. I want that focus so I decided to attend a 15 week java full-stack course earlier this year. Now I may never be a java developer, who knows. I am completely open to it and I’m taking another Java course this Fall at my college. I am also open to mobile development of the native variety. I’ve taken 2 mobile development courses through my college to date. Android was pretty familiar to me as I’ve worked with Java and XML many times by that point.

But I ramble …

My point of this was that when I was obtaining my Web Development Associates almost every new quarter we had to create at the very least a website to post our course work on. This was great practice! I wish my university did that as sometimes I would go a few quarters without any coding at all. That’s not good… but that’s the norm. As an adult learner I have a full time job and sometimes a part time job and I generally take 2 courses at a time so my free time to freely code is limited. Because of this I get behind on the times. I am setting myself to not do that any longer thankfully. By signing up for that daily newsletter I posted about earlier from Sitepoint and by going to meetups!


Ok ok, so the point! The point is OMG FRAMEWORKS! There are so many. I’ve been slowly reading about them once in a while but as I am once again digging and stay dug into revamping my website into awesomeness I am noticing that a lot of the tutorials are dated! I’m like, what is the deal here? Why is this happening? How can I be so behind on HTML5? I mean I’m not … it’s just extra WOOHOOO to XHTML so it’s not like hard to pick up where I let the dust fall. I’m realizing it’s probably because everyone is using frameworks for everything now. Seems to be writing from scratch is dated and silly? Forgive my ignorance as I am just a learning newb here figuring a lot out on her own but doesn’t that make someone a weaker developer? Relying only on frameworks and not really writing anything of their own? I mean I met someone a few weeks ago that is a Java developer that has actually never written a single line of Java code of his own. He is a Spring developer. I get it though, I mean I totally get it! It’s easier and faster! But is it better? Am I being a silly goose by writing my own code? This is a serious question! I feel like I’m behind the times and need to jump on all these framework ban wagons. I’m just kind of afraid of what it will do to me a developer. Not that I’m super wicked awesome I mean I am a student and not wicked fast due to not yknow being a pro or whatever but yeah… I think I’m going to check into frameworks. Like deeper. They do seem really cool to be honest. I have read that Foundation is not as popular in the grand scheme of it all as Bootstrap but is actually more preferred because it’s more configuratible (that’s a word right?). It does look slick as heck and would make the time I’ve been wasting trying to get my website responsive across all platforms freed up so I can work on getting my blog site functional. Yes again this is a blog but I want to build my own!

Perhaps I need to be challenged with something more complex. Perhaps I’m not pushing myself enough but I seem to only be able to create when there is a need and the only need I can think of is a blog site that I am proud enough to keep chugging away at. Or until someone gives me a need to focus on.

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July 13th, 2015 at 5:22 pm

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Oh hey revamping!

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So I’m revamping my current website, I believe this is version 5?

When taking the Java full-stack course through Interface Web School we started with our own personal site themes. That turned out to be a big task considering we were all from different backgrounds and some where more hands on needing than others. We ended up shifting gears and starting on smaller yet projects that were all the same but with our own spins to them. As a result my blog site got put to the wayside. Now however I’m pretty OK with that. Why so? Well hosting a Java site is expensive! It never occurred to me how expensive until I started researching. Not just any ole web hosting option will do. When they talked about expense in meetups I didn’t realize they meant literally. I just thought they were referring to being data heavy as the expense but no they mean literally size matters and it costs a lot to host a Java site and the larger the more expensive. There are free options out there but they are very limited like Heroku. Which is a great option for hosting small applications that aren’t heavily utilized on a 24hr basis. But as a blog host? No, that won’t work at all. Blogs can be very data heavy especially if they are active and if they are popular, forget about it.

I’ll be honest WordPress is not my favorite. It works for now but I am looking at other options. I like to code and therefore I like to write my own code and work with my own designs, etc. I know I could create my own and I’m leaning towards doing so with Jekyll. With Jekyll I can learn a bit of Ruby and Node.js as well as continue to work with Git which is always a good thing.

Oh! So I signed up for a pretty neat thing last week. It’s called Versioning by Sitepoint. I just got my first email moments ago! What it is, is a daily newsletter with categorized links to new and awesome things development related. I am a link freak, gimme all the links! A nice informative newsletter with oodles of equally informative blurbs about awesome things to learn and check out. Yeah I’m all over that, thank you very much.

That’s it for now.

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July 13th, 2015 at 3:38 pm

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