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Tuesday 8/25/15 – TODO(s)

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Suggested future work includes:

  1. Check stuff into git and push it to bitbucket
  2. remove the ~/java/<tomcat8> folder and move ~/java/something/<tomcat8> into the ~/java folder.    Confirm that everything still works.
  3. Make a change to home.jsp and run the app via eclipse.   Be happy things work.
  4. Change the ajax (and other) “/book” URLs to use getContextPath
  5. check things into git.   Do this anytime something works.   git is your friend.
  6. Practice the fresh install from time to time to make sure it’s documented and you understand what’s going on.   A fresh install means you start with:
    1. a fresh eclipse (unpack from tar)
    2. a fresh workspace directory
    3. a fresh tomcat (unpack from tar)
    4. a freshly cloned repo from bitbucket
  7. Once you’re a bit comfortable with all of the above, consider the technique of a git branch for each major new enhancement to the project.


Commandline stuff:

I also have a ton of video tutorials to work through a friend provided me sitting on dropbox that I have been working through. I’m working through Chapter 6 of 10 currently. Same friend also provided me with a book on TMUX and

Other things I would like to do in no particular order:

  1. learn selenium – write tests
  2. Make the app accept more than 1 image at a time
  3. Enable email access requests
  4. Convert to a maven project
  5. Convert jquery to angularjs
  6. Convert into android app w/virtual DB
  7. Maybe even spring

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August 25th, 2015 at 8:00 pm

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