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If you haven’t picked it up yet – as I’m working through things I’m making note of them. I have to do this because I have to keep record. It’s more efficient for me than doodling in a notebook.

Do you have any idea how many doodles of notes I have sprawled across a vast number of notebooks? It’s terrible. I have been grabbing every notebook I find around the house as of late to piece the notes together. Like I found a bunch of really good core concept notes from my Java course I took at Metro Community College. I also am thrilled that I still have access to the emails I sent that instructor as I worked through the weekly projects. Oodles of good stuff.

Adding that to the TODO list

My college courses start back up tomorrow. This semester its Applied Statistics. It worked out that I was able to only take that course which is very heavy in the course content/homework/discussion etc.

I have been trying to get more involved in this TIF project with the Open Nebraska meetup group. We are sifting through a ton of data that is all over the place broken links to broken links, etc. The ultimate plan is to have all the necessary data cleaned and in a easily read format to show what organizations are getting TIF (Tax Increment Financing) for what, for how long, and a bunch of other data. The point is to make this easily accessible for anyone to view and interpret. So far the programming languages used have been python and perl. Neither I’m familiar with other than being aware of the languages. However I am a data nerd and I love to dig through docs. I’ve been useful that’s all that matters.

I’ve also been working with Interface for about 3 weeks now as a Course Experience Manager and it’s been pretty awesome. I am really enjoying the part I get to play in the process. Week 4 starts tomorrow!


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August 30th, 2015 at 9:53 pm

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