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Slack gateway and IRC via weechat

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Welp it took me about an hour this evening of repeatedly typing the wrong command ! Missing 1 single letter and it kept jacking up the command and causing me to not be able to log in because “password or username” were wrong. NUH UH, They are not!

What did I do to get to that silly head bonking state? After confirming that the gateway access via slack was enabled by one of the Team owners. I then followed the link on the above provided url under “Connecting to a gateway” — Got redirected to another page with the goods I need to enter but not proper directions on how to configure the server properly via weechat.

The gateways page gives you the HOST, USER, and PASS that you need. I already use weechat to access the ##midwesthackerschool IRC channel on the freenode server. So I opted to set up another server via weechat. The directions were super clear yet I still kept getting them wrong because I was rushing and jumping to the command without reading a little bit before.

You literally want to include all of this:

/server add NAME HOST/6667 -autoconnect -ssl -ssl_dhkey_size=512 -password=PASSWORD -username=USERNAME -nicks=NICK

NAME = whatever name you want the server to be called, I chose MWslack

HOST = refer back to the gateway page

PASSWORD = PASS on gateway page

USERNAME = USER on gateway page

I opted to generate an IRC only password – because I was troubleshooting why on earth I was being told my password or username were invalid. You probably do not have to do this if you slow down and not repeat my mistakes. Also almost all the items within that command are needed. I tried to leave off -nicks=nickname thinking it was silly because username and nickname are the same. Nope that was what was causing my issue after my initial error!

Once your server is created all you have to do is /connect NAME (in my case /connect MWslack) and if you are successful you will automatically be added to all the channels you are currently in, on slack. OH! You can omit -autoconnect AND -ssl_dhkey_size=512 as neither caused me any issues. I did opt to ONLY omit autoconnect because I have other servers I use as well. You can put weechat in different --dir(s) to have multiple weechats on different servers running at once. I have yet to do this but it will most likely occur sooner than later.

If you find that the command didn’t work properly and you created a server that is crap you can /server del NAME (MWslack in my case) and it will delete it. If you aren’t sure what you named your server you can /server list and a list of servers you have installed will appear. Tada.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 9.08.17 PM












In weechat by default you can only see 1 channel at a time. To jump around you can /buffer #channelname also included a bunch of handy commands for navigating around your buffers/channels via weechat.

Oh and what was my initial error that sent me on a troubleshooting spin? I forgot the S on -nicks. YEP.

Thank you Calle Erlandsson your article on thoughtbot was the most helpful. 🙂


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August 31st, 2015 at 10:00 pm

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